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E-commerce Solutions
Selling On-line

Moytura Graphic Design offers a complete e-commerce solution allowing companies to sell goods or services on-line. The shopping cart feature can be combined with secure encrypted transaction to have customers order products over the Internet using credit cards. All credit details are stored on a secure server and encrypted for double protection.

Selling On-line
            We advise on setting up a merchant account in order to be able to accept credit card transactions into bank or credit
            card accounts. We will also advise on other means of accepting payment for goods or services without the need for a
            merchant account. Moytura Graphic Design offers affordable e-business and e-commerce solutions to the client taking
            the first step into selling on-line.


            Business is interacting with business in a way unforeseen ten years ago. Never before has it been possible to
            communicate and do business on such a global scale. If you have a product or service that can be offered as one
            business to another and beyond your local or national boundaries we can help you achieve your position in this
            global marketplace. The following quotes highlight the potential of the Internet for promoting any business.

     Tara Long, CE Unterberg Towbin, "e-Marketing: Nothing but Net", February 1999 is quoted as saying:

           .    "The market for interactive marketing solutions is currently $3 billion."

           .    "The market for interactive marketing solutions will explode to $16 billion by 2002."

           .    "Online advertising and interactive marketing expenditures are expected to exceed $31 billion in 2002".

     Other experts have predicted:

           .    "There will be 2.6 million Internet merchants by 2004".

           .    "Direct marketing expenditures will exceed $220 billion by 2003".

           .    "Business-to-business e-Commerce is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2004".

           .   "Internet users worldwide will swell to 1.8 billion by 2003".

                "The market for e-services is expected to hit $78.6 billion by 2003".

            Moytura Graphic Design is here to assist and advise on any aspect of your Internet marketing strategy. It may
            only be the need for a one page web site or as advanced as a complete on-line store and catalogue. Please email
            us or use the contact form for any questions or queries you may have.

Privacy Statement.

           .   .Any information provided to Moytura Graphic Design is held in the strictest confidence.
           .   .Email addresses are NOT passed on to any other person, business or organisation without the owner's consent.

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