Prayers and reflections from an Irish web designer in Galway
This page is a 'door' leading you to other pages of stories, prayers, poetry, thoughts and even URLs of nice home pages. Take your pick and enjoy. I'd love to know what you think of them - you can write me either by e-mail, through my guest book or through the contact form on the main site. If you have any nice thoughts you think would rest peacefully here send them on to me by e-mail  and I'll include them if I can.

My favourites are The Lodger, The Praying Hands, The Tiny Foot, The Tree and the web sites - Nine Months A-growing and Art of Egg Carving

Become a Prayer Warrior and join people from all over the world praying for and with each other and for a world in crisis. Just commit yourself to 10-30 minutes a day prayer time, the graces will abound and your life WILL change!

Updated 26th June 2003

Life's Choices 
The Sneeze HE Heard
Do You Believe in Easter?
A Trucker's Story
The Lodger
Praying Hands
Where's God?
The Granny Tree
The Devil and the Duck
Trading Places
The Cost of a Miracle
Unto God that which is God's
Run to Base, Shay!
Keep Your Fork!
Donut Master
A Baby's Hug
The Weathered Old Barn
The Wooden Bowl
Satan's Busy Bees
If God Had Voicemail
The Tiny Foot
Red Marbles
Circle of Prayer
The Friendship Prayer
Reflections for Lent 2002
Reflections for Lent 2001
A Celtic Blessing
The Celtic Soul
An Irish Blessing
Night Prayer
Saint Patrick's Breastplate


The Angel on Highway 109
The Shoe Man
The Cold Within
Mommy's Little Angel Girl
A Child Lives What It Learns
Alphabet Reflections
Optimistic Creed
Broken Dreams
Slow Down
The Value of Time
Catching Rainbows
The Garden of Daily Living
Church Headliners
Words of Wisdom
God's Boxes
Apple of His Eye
Things We Learn
The Empty Chair
Still Learning
Count Your Blessings
The Friendship Prayer
Tater People
Be Special
Letting Go
Inner Peace
The Tree
A Few Thoughts to Ponder
I Asked God
God's Time
God Resolves
Yesterday - Today
I've Learned
Push for the Lord
Nine Months A-growing
Art of Egg Carving
The Story of Colours
Are You There?
Love, Wealth & Success
Interview with God
Inspirational Stories & Poems
An Aussie's Garden
What If.....
A Difference
Two Angels
The Optimist
Gardening God's Way
Lessons From The Geese
A Present Day Truth
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Moytura has several other sites with a 'Christian flavour'. The Circle of Prayer is an attempt to get as many people as possible joined together in prayer, regardless of nationality, colour or creed, praying for all that ails the world as well as their own personal intentions. Please join us - it's simple! Reflections for Lent offers a daily meditation for the 40 days of lent and the week leading into Easter. As part of my Journey section of the website join me to learn a little of the Early Christian Church in Ireland by visiting Clonmacnoise, started by St. Ciaran on the banks of the River Shannon in the 6th. Century. Read about Saint Brendan the Navigator who started a Monastic settlement in the tiny village of Clonfert on the Galway/Offaly/Tipperary border, again in the 6th century.

Travel on my journeys to two of Canada's most famous Catholic Shrines - Saint Anne de Beaupré and Cap de la Madeleine, both on the shores of the Saint Lawrence river in Quebec. Finally I welcome you to come with me to see a little of Medugorje, a peaceful haven in a war-torn country - Bosnia Herzogonia. Please also pay a visit to  Moytura's Irish Bookshop where you can find books on the history of Christianity in IrelandIrish Prayers and Celtic Christianity

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Celtic Women International

Celtic Women International is a young and vibrant organisation founded by Jean Bills, a woman with Irish roots living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is now in growth phase and expanding membership throughout the whole world for ANYONE (yes, even the guys!) with Celtic roots. It's purpose is to honour, celebrate and promote our Celtic Heritage. In the near future we hope to be a resource for all things Celtic with databases of other Celtic Organisations, Support Bodies, Music & the Arts etc. Membership, for only $25!!, incorporates a quarterly newsletter with the finest of articles related all things Celtic.

Our annual conference brings together some of the best advocates of Celtic Traditions as well as musicians and artists representing the recognised Celtic Nations of Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man, Brittany and Galicia and Asturia in Spain. 2003 sees the conference on the move and will be held in Toronto, 2004 in Pheonix and 2005 in GALWAY, IRELAND! Please help us to grow this wonderful organisation by joining us as a member. All are very welcome and your presence can only enrich us. Learn all about us at: Celtic Women International
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