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Lent 2005 follows in the wake of one of the most dramatic and tragic natural disasters in recent times - the tsunami in south-east Asia. But always with us are those whose lives are just as tragic on a daily basis, year-in-year-out - those who live and die in war-torn regions throughout the world, those who die because of hunger, poor health care and infectious diseases, those who live in fear and persecution because of tyranical regimes, those who do not have the freedoms taken for granted in many parts of the world, those who are persecuted because of their faith, and especially those tiny, defenceless little citizens of the world who die due to abortion.

As we reflect during these 47 days up to Easter Sunday we need to focus on the needs of our brothers and sisters all over the world and to cry out to God for conversion of hearts - the hearts of the decision makers whether they are national governments, international organisations or global strategists. Their decisions and economic policies often create the problems which bring about hunger, disease, civil war, abortion, euthanasia, embryonic destruction and, just around the corner, man-made-men with human cloning.

Many people asked why God allowed the tsunami. How many asked what's wrong with the world that God DID allow this terrible tragedy? We need to seek His Mercy, ask for conversion of hearts, cover this world with prayer. Prayer is a kind of 'protective shield' and that shield is wearing pretty thin these days. 

This Lent our theme is on the Mercy of God and our daily prayers are taken from the Psalms. Relax and let the music soothe your soul, read the little piece for each day, be at peace within yourself and reflect a little on the meaning of Lent. I invite you to check back daily and reflect on the reading for the day.

(Many of the reflections on each page are used with the kind permission of United Christian Broadcastors (UCB) from their FREE daily devotional - The Word for Today. They allow the publication of 52 of their passages per year and I find their messages apt and though-provoking for the times we live in.)

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A Circle of Prayer around the world praying for and with each other, for peace and for a world in crisis. 

Please read more about it and perhaps join us. Prayer was never more needed than it is in these times!

Circle of Prayer
Short Prayer for Today

"Lord we ask You to send Your Holy Spirit throughout the world in abundance today. We beg Your Mercy and forgiveness for all that is wrong in this world. Convert the hearts of those whose decisions affect the most vulnerable in society from the tiny babe in the womb to the frail, the sick, the handicapped and the elderly; the poor, the disenfranchised and the persecuted. Let their decisions be made with the love and integrity of God so that no decision will harm or degrade any of your beautiful 'sons and daughters'."

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