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Learn about exporting to Ireland, Ireland's Celtic Tiger economy, Irish business law, investment and business guides for Ireland in this selection of books from Moytura's Irish Book Shop.

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Country Review, Ireland 1998/1999 Country Review, Ireland 1998/1999 
by Robert C. Kelly, Debra Ewing, Stanton Doyle, Denise Youngblood

Economic information, compiled and condensed from a large number of reliable sources, is presented in the Country Reviews in statistical tables on key macroeconomic trends and economic sectors.

Price: $39.95 

Exporting to the Republic of Ireland (Exporting Series) 
by Peter Mathews, Gerry O'Brien, Anne Woodward, Adam Jolly

Ireland, with its thriving economy and burgeoning new businesses presents a wealth of opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs worldwide. EXPORTING TO IRELAND offers need to know advice on business practice and export strategies as well as a sector-by-sector market assessment. 

Price: $25.00 

Exporting to the Republic of Ireland
Ireland Business Law Handbook Ireland Business Law Handbook  by Emerging Markets Investment Center

This law handbook contains information on basic business legislation, laws and regulations affecting export-import, business, foreign investments, property rights, taxation and banking. 


 Ireland Investment & Business Guide  by Emerging Markets Investment Center

This investment guide contains basic information on economy, business, export-import and investment climate, opportunities, regulations. Provides strategic information on economy, industrial development, banking, and government. Includes information on the most important business contacts and business travel. Updated annually. 

Price: $99.95 

Ireland Investment & Business Guide
European Business Handbook 1999 European Business Handbook 1999
by Gerry O'Brien, Adam Jolly, Clive Thompson

Now in its fifth edition the CBI European Business Handbook is as comprehensive and informative as ever. Not only does it contain annually updated cost of living data, compiled specially for the handbook by each national CBI, but also an informative editorial on the theme of competitiveness within the EU and worldwide. A valuable business tool.

Price: $60.00

Live Well in Ireland : How to Relocate, Retire, and Increase Your Standard of Living (The Live Well Series)  by Steenie Harvey

The storybook countryside of Ireland is remarkably accessible to Americans considering a move. Having moved to Ireland ten years ago, the author tells how to settle in and settle down in a new community. 

Price: $12.76

Live Well in Ireland : How to Relocate, Retire, and Increase Your Standard of
Crowning The Customer Crowning The Customer  by Feargal Quinn

Feargal Quinn lists the basics for successful service including Listening, The Boomerang Principle and People Power. Read how focus groups are only one of eight listening channels, why you should abolish your head office, the power of the smile and much more.

Price: $19.95

Chasing Progress in the Irish Republic : Ideology, Democracy, and Dependent Development  by John Kurt Jacobsen

Investigating the political causes and consequences of the economic policy choices made in Ireland since independence, this text addresses many key debates in political economy and development studies as well as the role of the state in the international economy. 

Price: $19.95
The Irish 100 : A Ranking of the Most Influential Irish of All Time The Irish 100 : A Ranking of the Most Influential Irish of All Time
by Tom Philbin

The Irish 100 includes George Meany, Eugene O'Neill plus Robert Emmet  and 96 more Irish and Irish American individuals, all profiled by Tom Philbin in pithy 800-word biographical sketches.

Price: $11.87

Cross-Border Cooperation in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland  by Etain Tannam
Price: $65.00

The Economy of Ireland : Policy and Performance of a Small European Country 
by J. W. O'Hagan  Price: $59.95 

Inside the Celtic Tiger : The Irish Economy and the Asian Model (Contemporary Irish Studies) 
by Denis O'Hearn
A well written, balanced, and thought-provoking account of the Irish economic phenomenon. 
Price: $22.50

Living With the European Union : The Northern Ireland Experience  by Dennis Kennedy  Price: $72.00

Marketing in Action : Learning from a Small Country (Best of Irish Marketing Review Series) 
by Aidan O'Driscoll  Price: $54.95

A Rocky Road : The Irish Economy Since Independence  by Cormac O'Grada  Price: $19.95 

Austria, Belguim, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, France (Major Companies of Europe 1998)
Price: $515.00 

The Celtic Tiger : Ireland's Continuing Economic Miracle  by Paul Sweeney   Price: $13.56 

Development Ireland : Contemporary Issues  by Peter Shirlow  Price: $17.95 

Between Two Worlds : Politics and Economy in Independent Ireland  by Brian Girvin  Price: $46.00 

European Economy - Reports and Studies No. 1/1996 Economic & Financial Situation in Ireland in the Transition Emu  by Ec   Price: $45.00 

The Irish Economy : Results and Prospects  by Ronaldo Munck   Price: $63.00 

Employment Effects of Multinational Enterprises : The Case of the Republic of Ireland
by Michael O'Suilleabhain  Price: $8.55 + $1.35 special surcharge 

Administrative Law in Ireland  by Ronald Stout   Price: $37.50 

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